May 14, 2019

Press Release

Exxact High Performance Data Science Workstations Featuring NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs Now Shipping


FREMONT, CA – Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of high performance computing solutions for GPU-accelerated data science and deep learning research, announced that its new high performance Data Science Workstations featuring NVIDIA Quadro® RTX™ GPUs are now shipping.

Purpose-built for data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning, Exxact Valence™ and TensorEX™ workstations provide the extreme computational power and tools required to prepare, process, and analyze the massive amounts of data used in fields such as finance, insurance, retail, and professional services.

NVIDIA-powered Valence and TensorEX workstations for data science are based on a powerful reference architecture made up of single or dual high-end NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs coupled with NVIDIA CUDA-X AI™ accelerated data science software stack, featuring RAPIDS™, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe. CUDA-X AI is a collection of libraries that enable modern computing applications to benefit from NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated computing platform.

"We are witnessing data science becoming one of the quickest growing fields of computer science," said Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact. "With our new NVIDIA-powered data science workstations, data scientists will have access to accelerated workflows for faster data preparation, model training, and data visualization."

Exxact currently offers two types of Data Science Workstations:

  • Valence VWS-1735800-NDS - Entry-level workstation featuring 1x NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPU, 1x Intel Xeon W-2135 CPU and 128GB GDDR4 memory
  • TensorEX TWS-1686525-NDS - High-end workstation featuring 2x NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs, 2x Intel Xeon Scalable processors and 256GB GDDR4 memory
Exxact Data Science Workstations are backed by their standard 3-year warranty and support.

Additional NVIDIA support services for Exxact Data Science Workstations are also available. NVIDIA provides optional enterprise-level end customer support for container configuration, usage, and any NVIDIA-specific software issues for Exxact Data Science Workstations. The NVIDIA Support Service for Data Science Workstations includes:

  • Direct support contract with NVIDIA
  • Direct access to container SME
  • Clearly defined support definition and escalation path
  • Customer request service on containers by logging a case that flows directly to NVIDIA support
  • Ability to contact NVIDIA Enterprise Support via phone, email, or portal
For more information or inquiries about Exxact Data Science Workstations, please contact the Exxact sales department here.

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