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Modern Data Management Solutions by WEKA

WEKA Data Platform Overview

From training AI to accelerating life science research, all HPC workloads benefit from the simplicity WEKA Data Platform delivers. Unify your data access to one directory in an ultra-low latency and parallel NVMe file storage platform for all your data: on-premises, public cloud, or both.

Zero Copy, Zero Tuning

WEKA Data Platform’s zero copy algorithm and zero tuning architecture deliver optimal performance, regardless of I/O, inode, and file size.

Cloud-Like Global Namespace

Virtualize hundreds of petabytes and store both cloud and on-premises data on a Global namespace complete with metadata. Data can be referenced using any protocol: S3, SMB, NFS, POSIX, or even GPU direct.

Pipeline Simplification

WEKA reinvents storage with a rebuilt distributed parallel file system with local snapshotting, automated tiering, backup redundancy, and more, increasing utilization, reducing complexity, and creating efficient data pipelines.

Hybrid On-Prem & Cloud Support

Burst data to all major cloud providers or run on-premises NVMe storage for compute flexibility. WEKA runs on commodity x86 hardware and is available by major cloud including Azure, AWS, GCP, OCI.

Designed for All Types of Data

Supports structured and unstructured data, regardless of whether the data is at the core, cloud, or edge. It is multi-tenant, multi-workload, multi-performant, and multi-location, all with a common management interface.

Before and After WEKA Data Platform Deployment

WEKApod: Certified for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™on NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems

The WEKApod Data Platform Appliance seamlessly integrates turnkey storage hardware and award-winning storage software with NVIDIA DGX for simplicity, performance, scalability, and efficiency.

Infinite Scalability

One 8-node WEKApod is capable of 720GB/s & 186 GB/s of sustained read & write with infinite and linear scalability.

Sustainable Efficiency

10-50x better AI/ML efficiency and reduced infrastructure footprint by 4-7x via data copy reduction and cloud elasticity.

Integration Simplicity

Fully supported on NVIDIA Base Command Manager and orchestration tools like Run:AI for single pane-of-glass management.

On-Prem & Cloud

Seamlessly connect on-premises AI workloads with GPU cloud environments for hybridized workflow and backup archival.


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