Test Drive Your Application on a Modern GPU Server

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Test Drive - Applications

Notice: The Exxact GPU Test Drive program is intended for evaluation purposes only. Commercial use of computing time on any Exxact Test Drive system is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to remove any user’s remote access at any time.
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Test Drive - HGX A100 System

We can help you test and benchmark your application on the latest GPU technology

  • 4U Rackmount Server
  • 2x EPYC 7742
  • 2TB DDR4 Memory
  • 2x 1TB RAID1 OS, 4x 3.84TB RAID0 Local Scratch Space
  • 8x A100 40GB w/ Full NVLINK

These machines have improved the speed of our data analyses manifold. The workstations have worked right out of the box with all the software we need already setup and ready to use...It's literally plug & play and that makes it very scalable in terms data storage and subsequent analysis.

Vamseedhar Rayaprolu, Research Scientist

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology