Test Drive Your Application on Cutting-Edge GPUs

Get remote access to our fully-equipped servers and run your applications faster than ever before with the latest GPU accelerators that deliver up to 10X higher performance than a CPU.

To get started, simply:
1. Sign up by completing our registration form 2. Wait for an Exxact representative to contact you and send instructions on how to login our system remotely 3. Enjoy your test drive!

Important Notice

The Exxact GPU Test Drive program is intended for evaluation purposes only. Commercial use of computing time on any Exxact Test Drive system is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to remove any user’s remote access at all times.

Available Test Drive Applications

Exxact Test Drive GPU Systems

We can help you test your application on any scale, from a single node to a full cluster running countless GPUs.

NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 Server

  • 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 16GB SXM2
  • 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Processors
  • 12x 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • 2TB Storage

NVIDIA Tesla P40 Server

  • 8x NVIDIA Tesla P40 24GB
  • 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Processors
  • 12x 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • 2TB Storage

NVIDIA Tesla Volta Cluster

  • 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Processors Per Node
  • 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 16GB Per Node
  • Infiniband QDR Switch & HCAs
  • Bright Computing Cluster Manager


As a NVIDIA Elite Partner, Exxact Corporation works closely with the NVIDIA team to ensure seamless factory development and support. We pride ourselves on providing value-added service standards unmatched by our competitors.

Ready to see the difference for yourself?
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