Lifecycle Planning, Building, Maintenance

Flexible Leasing & Payment Options

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Reduce Upfront Costs

Minimal initial investment and predictable payments spread out over time.

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Streamline Payment Management

Leverage solution bundling with a single monthly payment for all your infrastructure needs.

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Tax Deductions

Whether you choose operating- or capital- leasing, each has their own tax benefits.

Lease OptionsFair Market Value (FMV)Capital ($1 Buyout)


An Operating Lease in which the lessee can purchase the equipment for a fair market value at lease end, extend the lease or return the equipment.

A Finance Lease in which equipment is purchased at lease end for a nominal amount of $1.00.


12, 24, or 36 Months

12, 24, or 36 Months

Purchase Option

Fair market value



  • Payment of equipment over time
  • Level monthly payments
  • Lowers monthly payment
  • Payment of equipment over time
  • Level monthly payments


  • Equipment does not appear on balance sheet
  • Lessee may claim payments as expense (subject to advice of tax advisor)
  • Equipment appears as asset on balance sheet
  • Depreciation and interest deductions claimed by Lessee (subject to advice of tax advisor)


  • May provide planned replacement
  • Fixed costs aid budgeting
  • Optional ownership
  • May provide tax benefits and minimize or negate the impact of AMT
  • Conserves working capital
  • At term end, equipment may be replaced with new unit
  • Fixed costs aid budgeting
  • Lessee takes full advantage of tax benefits
  • Conserves working capital

*For reference only. Consult with your own tax professional who is familiar with your particular tax situation.

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