March 24, 2014

Press Release

Exxact Corporation to launch the RTT DeltaView GPU Test Drive Program at GTC 2014


Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of workstation graphics and visualization solutions, is collaborating with RTT to launch the RTT DeltaView GPU Test Drive program for high-end 3D visualization at GTC 2014.

RTT DeltaView provides the ability to display 3D visualizations at any time and in any place with outstanding quality. Users are no longer bound to an individual PC in the office but can view, present and interactively compare models generated in RTT DeltaGen on a laptop or on a colleague's computer. The DeltaView Test Drive program offers a special opportunity for 3D application users to experience an efficient and user-friendly method to distribute 3D models & scenes as part of an improved design and development workflow process.

Exxact's GPU workstations are designed to offer the fastest results by combining the horsepower of multiple professional GPUs to deliver both high-performance graphics and parallel processing. This helps transform rendering and media-creation workflows and speed up photorealistic rendering for 3D visualization applications, such as RTT DeltaView.

"We are excited to collaborate with RTT and allow users to test drive DeltaView, a unique presentation interface that allows design viewing in real time.” said Jason Chen, Vice President at Exxact Corporation. “Exxact's GPU-based hardware and visualization solutions are uniquely optimized to power the cutting-edge design visualization tools from RTT. This is another example of how Exxact's solutions, together with RTT visualization software such as DeltaView, can help with the seamless transition between digital prototyping and product marketing through more efficient collaboration and a streamlined design process."

“As a strategic partner, Exxact is providing a unique opportunity for visualization enthusiasts, users and experts to interface with our DeltaView software on a robust hardware platform. It’s one thing to read about great performance, but to another thing altogether to experience it. We’re pleased to see this on the floor at the 2014 NVIDIA GTC Conference." said Hillary Forsythe, Marketing Director at RTT USA, Inc.

In addition, the Exxact Test Drive program also features Bunkspeed PRO™, a 3D rendering suite that allows designers to visualize and animate 3D data in a single integrated application. Featuring NVIDIA Tesla K40 and NVIDIA Quadro K6000, the Exxact GPU workstation delivers ultra-fast processing for rendering, 3D visualization, and visually intensive projects. Visit Exxact Test Drive Center to learn more.

For more information about the test drive program, visit booth #530 at GTC 2014 or sign up here.
GTC 2014 Information:
Booth# 530
March 25-27, 2014
San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA

About Exxact Corporation
As a leader in visualization solutions and professional workstation graphics, Exxact offers a complete lineup of high performance workstations, servers and clusters for visualization and compute-intensive applications in fields such as automotive design, space exploration, animation, and industrial design. Exxact is also a value-added supplier of interactive video walls, media processors, and high-end content management systems powered by the latest in professional graphics, including NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro, and Matrox. For more information, visit

About RTT
RTT is the leading, one-stop-provider of high-end software, consulting and creative services in professional, 3D visualization. As a strategic partner, RTT offers sustainable, effective and seamless process support across the entire product lifecycle with its holistic approach. As a result, products are developed faster and more cost-effectively, while time-to-market is significantly reduced. Through creative, photorealistic CGI implementations, RTT enables innovative sales and marketing advantages and new dimensions of emotional brand staging. The Group´s customer-base includes companies like Adidas, Audi, BMW, Daimler, EADS, Electrolux, Ferrari, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Porsche, The North Face and Volkswagen. RTT AG was founded 1999 in Munich and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra: R1T; WKN: 701220; ISIN: DE0007012205). The RTT Group employs 754 staff at 15 offices worldwide (as of September 16, 2013). For more information, visit