Storage Cables

Popular Brands

3ware CBL-SFF8087SB-06M LSI00256 Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS Cable
Adaptec 2275200-R internal mini serial attached SCSI X4 (SFF-8087)
MPN: 2275200-R
Adaptec 2279700-R ACK-I-HDMSAS-MSAS-1M Data Cable
MPN: 2279700-R
Adaptec 2280000-R ACK-I-RA-HDMSAS-4SATA-SB-.8M
MPN: 2280000-R
Barco 05-50061-00 Logic Cable 1M U.2 Enabler Cable HD
MPN: 05-50061-00
Broadcom 05-50062-00 U.2 Enabler - HD to OcuLink 1M Cable
MPN: 05-50062-00
C2G 07858 3ft SCSI-3 Ultra2 LVD/SE MD68 M/M Cable (Thumbscrew)
MPN: 07858
C2G 10245 1m SAS 32-pin to 4 SAS 29-pin + 4-pin Power Cable
MPN: 10245
C2G 10247 1m SAS 32-pin to SAS 32-pin Cable
MPN: 10247
C2G 10250 0.5m SAS 32-pin to Four External Serial ATA Cable
MPN: 10250
C2G 10251 1m SAS 32-pin to Four External Serial ATA Cable
MPN: 10251
C2G 28293 1.5ft LVD/SE VHDCI .8mm 68-pin Male to SCSI-3 MD68 Male Cable with Ferrites
MPN: 28293
C2G 54249 2m Mini-SAS HD to Mini-SAS HD cable
MPN: 54249
Chenbro 26H12321520A0 SATA Cable - Latching Connectors - 700 mm
MPN: 26H12321520A0
CineRAID CB-4488-2M External HD MiniSAS-to-External MiniSAS Cable
MPN: CB-4488-2M
Dell 1502C SFF-8088 to SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD Cable 3M
MPN: 1502C
GIGABYTE 25CFM-450820-A4R Slimline SAS Cable
MPN: 25CFM-450820-A4R
HighPoint 8643-4SAS-1M 1 Meter Cable Length, SFF-8643 to Controller & 4x SFF-8482 to 4x SAS Drives
MPN: 8643-4SAS-1M
HighPoint 8643-4SATA-1M 1 Meter Cable Length, SFF-8643 to Controller & 4x SATA to 4x SATA Drives
MPN: 8643-4SATA-1M
HighPoint 8643-8639-50 SFF-8643 to U.2 SFF-8639 connector with 15-pin SATA Power Connector
MPN: 8643-8639-50
Intel AXXCBL650HDHD Mini-SAS Cable Kit
Intel AXXCBL875HDHD Cable Kit - SFF8643 to SFF8643
Intel AXXCBL880SATA SATA Data Transfer Cable
Intel AXXCBL950HDHD Mini-SAS HD Data Transfer Cable