Storage Solutions

Storage Infrastructure Solutions for the Digital Age

  • Custom bare metal, NAS, or object oriented storage solutions using industry leading hardware and software.
  • Wide variety of solutions for fast and reliable storage for data intensive enterprise applications, regardless of size or data needs.
  • Built for modern applications like deep learning and data analytics for edge, datacenter, or on-premises applications.

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Leading Institutions Use Our Storage Systems

Customized Systems for Any Application, Any Scale

Customizable Dedicated Server

Bare Metal
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Upgrade or implement your storage infrastructure with built-to-order bare metal storage: HW RAID or IT-MODE HBA, 2.5", 3.5", U.2, flash or HDD options available.

  • Small to medium deployments
  • Capacity upgrade for any software

Local Storage Accessible Anywhere

Network Attached Storage
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Easily manage backups, create custom storage pools, stream large files, or run VMs with custom NAS appliance solutions hosting up to 480TB per device.

  • Multi-user environments
  • Flexible, local, high capacity storage

Scalable Storage with Massive Throughput

Object Based Storage
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Scalable, highly parallel HPC file systems compatible with all popular interconnects (Infiniband or Ethernet, 10/40/100/200GB Ethernet)

  • Simple scalable deployment
  • High capacity, massive throughput jobs

Utilize the Technology of Your Choice

BeeGFS Parallel Storage

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Panasas Storage Solutions

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Bare Metal Storage

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Our Partners

Intel Platinum
BeeGFS Gold
Exxact TensorEX TS1-135587292-GFS 1U 2x Intel Xeon Scalable Family - BeeGFS Parallel Storage
MPN: TS1-135587292-GFS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-196696736-GFS 1U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - BeeGFS Parallel Storage
MPN: TS1-196696736-GFS
Exxact TensorEX TS3-264511-NAS 3U Storage Server - Up to 400TB NAS
MPN: TS3-264511-NAS
Exxact TensorEX TS3-264512-NAS 3U Storage Server - Up to 1.1PB NAS
MPN: TS3-264512-NAS
Exxact TensorEX TS3-264513-NAS 3U Storage Server - Up to 4.8PB NAS
MPN: TS3-264513-NAS
Exxact TensorEX TS3-264514-NAS 3U Storage Server - Up to 300TB All-Flash NAS
MPN: TS3-264514-NAS
Exxact TensorEX TTT-132533988-NAS 3U 16x 3.5" Hot-Swap drive NAS storage solution
MPN: TTT-132533988-NAS
Exxact TensorEX TTT-142678269-NAS 1U 4x 3.5" Hot-Swap drive NAS storage solution
MPN: TTT-142678269-NAS
Exxact TensorEX TTT-152622366-GFS 4U 2x Intel Xeon processor - BeeGFS Parallel Storage server
MPN: TTT-152622366-GFS