November 17, 2014

Press Release

Exxact Corporation to Support New NVIDIA Tesla K80 Dual-GPU Accelerators in Server and Cluster Platforms


Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of workstation graphics and HPC solutions, today announced that it will offer the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 dual-GPU accelerators in its GPU server and cluster platforms to accelerate the most demanding single and double precision workloads in scientific computing, seismic processing, and data analytics applications.

Exxact’s new GPU solutions, equipped with NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerators, represent the bleeding edge of supercomputing by offering 24GB memory per accelerator, increased memory bandwidth, and unmatched energy-efficient compute performance with up to 14.96 Teraflops double precision and 44.8 Teraflops single precision performance per server.

The Tesla K80 dual-GPU is the new flagship offering of the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, the leading platform for discovery and insight at scale, providing hardware, software and an extensive supported ecosystem for GPU-accelerated applications in the data center.

Featuring two high-performance GPU processors in a single board, the NVIDIA Tesla K80 accelerator delivers nearly two times higher performance and double the memory bandwidth of its predecessor, and 10 times higher performance than today’s fastest CPU on hundreds of applications.

“Exxact Corporation is committed to bringing industry-leading GPU solutions that provide breakthrough performance to the market,” said Jason Chen, Vice President at Exxact Corporation. “We are excited to see our integrated NVIDIA Tesla K80 solutions achieve new levels of performance to meet our customers’ needs.”

“The Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerator was designed with the most difficult computational challenges in mind, ranging from data analytics to quantum chemistry,” said Roy Kim, group manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “When coupled with Exxact’s innovative GPU systems, HPC customers benefit from a range of system configurations designed for the most demanding scientific and enterprise applications.”

The latest Exxact GPU solutions featuring NVIDIA Tesla K80 accelerators include:
Tensor GPU Servers
• Support up to 8 NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerators
• Support up to 192GB graphics memory
• Support the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processors
• Support up to 1.5TB DDR3 Memory

Tensor GPU Clusters
• 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U rack server with platinum-efficiency power supplies
• Support up to 8 NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerators per node
• Support the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processors
• Advanced cluster management software designed for GPU computing

The new Exxact NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU-based platforms introduced today are immediately available. For more information about Exxact systems, please visit

About Exxact Corporation
As a leader in high performance computing and professional workstation graphics, Exxact offers a complete lineup of high performance workstations, servers, and clusters for visualization and compute-intensive applications in fields such as space exploration, medical imaging, financial modeling, and industrial design. Exxact is also a value-added distributor of AMD FirePro, Matrox, and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions.