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NVIDIA Tesla GPU Solutions

Accelerate Scientific and Technical Computing Workloads

GPU computing is the pairing of a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with a traditional CPU to extract maximum performance from a minimal financial investment, software license redundancies, and physical/carbon footprint. While a GPU is not necessary for a server or workstation, performance is severely bottlenecked by the CPUs inherent architecture. CPUs are made up of a handful of complex cores intended maximize serial processing where cores wait for cores to complete and pass on tasks. Hundreds of GPU cores fill the gaps between CPU cores with parallel processing to offoad compute intensive work. As a result a performance maximizing symbiosis forms between CPU and GPU.

GPU Accelerated Applications

In the past year there has been a 60% growth in the number of CUDA supported applications that utilize the tremendous computing capability of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Exxact works closely with application developers to customize our GPU systems for maximizing our customers‘ productivity and workflow. See how Exxact GPU solutions are transforming computational research in fields such as:

• Molecular Dynamics

• Numerical Analytics

• Bio-Informatics & Life Science

• Government & Defense

• Manufacturing: CAD & CAE

• Research & Higher Education

• Computational Fluid Dynamics

• Oil & Gas