NVIDIA Tesla GPU Servers

Custom GPU Server Platforms for HPC, AI, and Data Center

  • Accelerate your most demanding HPC and AI applications with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Servers, in a custom configuration for your tasks.
  • Unleash data scientists and researchers with massive compute capability in applications ranging from energy exploration to deep learning.
  • NVIDIA Tesla GPU Servers from Exxact deliver the performance needed to run complex simulations, while offering significant cost savings over cloud.
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As an NVIDIA Elite Partner, Exxact Corporation works closely with the NVIDIA team to ensure seamless factory development and support. We pride ourselves on providing value-added service standards unmatched by our competitors.

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The NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU is the world’s fastest data center GPU accelerator designed to power computationally-intensive AI, HPC, and data analytics applications.

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NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 offers the performance of up to 100 CPUs in a single GPU—enabling data scientists, researchers, and engineers to tackle challenges that were once thought impossible.

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Packaged in an energy-efficient 70-watt, small PCIe form factor, the NVIDIA T4 is optimized for deep learning inference, data analytics, and graphics.

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Featured NVIDIA Tesla Servers

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DGX A100

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NVIDIA DGX A100 is the universal system for all AI workloads, offering unprecedented compute density, performance and flexibility in the world’s first 5 petaFLOPS AI system. The NVIDIA DGX A100 features eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, providing users with unmatched acceleration.

4 GPU 1U Server

TensorEX Server


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This server offers the best combination of CPU and GPU computation in a highly scalable, dense 1U form factor. The Dual CPU configuration paired with up to 4 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs offer the power and flexibility for demanding HPC workloads such as molecular dynamics, engineering simulation, AI Training and more.

GPU Computer 4U Server

TensorEX Server


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The best choice in terms of customization and price, this GPU server offers the most dense configuration for GPU compute tasks. Perfect for deep learning training or inference, this machine can accommodate up to 10x double wide GPUs or up to 20x single wide cards such as the NVIDIA T4.

High Performance Computing

HPC data centers need to support the ever-growing computing demands of scientists and researchers while staying within a tight budget. The old approach of deploying lots of commodity compute nodes substantially increases costs without proportionally increasing data center performance.

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Accelerating Deep Learning Initiatives with NVIDIA Powered Data Center Platforms


With deep neural networks becoming more complex, training times have increased dramatically, resulting in lower productivity and higher costs. Exxact's deep learning infrastructure technology featuring NVIDIA GPUs significantly accelerate AI training, resulting in deeper insights in less time, significant cost savings, and faster time to ROI.

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Data center managers must make tradeoffs between performance and efficiency. A single inference server from Exxact can replace multiple commodity CPU servers for deep learning inference applications and services, reducing energy requirements and delivering both acquisition and operational cost savings.

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Exxact TensorEX TS1-1595479-NTS 1U 2x Intel Xeon Scalable Family - 4x NVIDIA® V100 SXM2
MPN: TS1-1595479-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-1728700-NTS 1U 1x AMD EPYC 7001 Series server - NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Server
MPN: TS1-1728700-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-197535292-NTS 1x Intel Processor - Socket LGA1151 - 1x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-197535292-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-672079-NTS 1U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-672079-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-672338-NTS 1U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-672338-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-672341-NTS 1U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 3x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-672341-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-672342-NTS 1U 1x Intel Xeon processor server - 2x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-672342-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-672510-NTS 1U 1x Intel Xeon processor server - 2x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-672510-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS1-724685-NTS 1U 1x Intel Xeon processor server - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS1-724685-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS2-158632687-NTS 2U 2x AMD EPYC 7002 Series processor - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS2-158632687-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS2-171138844-NTS 2U 2x AMD EPYC 7002-Series - 4x NVIDIA® A100 SXM4 GPUs
MPN: TS2-171138844-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS2-288591-NTS 2U 2x AMD EPYC processor server - 2x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS2-288591-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS2-306052-NTS 2U 2x IBM POWER8 processor - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 Pascal SXM2
MPN: TS2-306052-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS2-672691-NTS 2U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 6x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS2-672691-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS2-673917-NTS 2U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS2-673917-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-130921967-NTS 4U 2x AMD EPYC 7002 Series - 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® A100 SXM4 GPUs
MPN: TS4-130921967-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-133524070-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon processor - 10x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS4-133524070-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-1337043-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon Scalable family server - 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS4-1337043-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-144580094-NTS 10U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Solution
MPN: TS4-144580094-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-156862753-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon processor - 10x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS4-156862753-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-1598415-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon Scalable family server - 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS4-1598415-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-1686449-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon processor - 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 SXM2 GPUs
MPN: TS4-1686449-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-1686564-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
MPN: TS4-1686564-NTS
Exxact TensorEX TS4-168747704-NTS 4U 2x Intel Xeon processor server - 8x NVIDIA® A100 SXM4 GPUs
MPN: TS4-168747704-NTS