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Datapath VSN870-ATX VSN870 Wall Controller (600 Watt ATX PSU)

Datapath VSN870-ATX Display Wall Controller (600 Watt ATX PSU)

With Datapath’s advanced graphics display technology, the VSN870 offers full flexibility in display types and orientation, video management, input and output configurations.

The VSN870 features an Intel Core i7 processor providing increased capability for system data video processing. The 19” industrial PC chassis has been designed for display controller applications specifically in mind and offers a compact extensible design, yet with excellent airflow management, making it easy to install and manage in difficult physical environments.

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Part Number VSN870-ATX,VSN870-ATX/8GB,VSN870-ATX/16GB
Motherboard SBC2 Intel Core™ i7 and i5 processor based in PICMG 1.3 SHB with DDR SDRAM
Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
VGA output
System Memory 8GB DDR3 system memory
Disk Storage Two 500 GB removable SATA hard drives
Input Devices USB Keyboard and Mouse
Optical Drive One DVD. RW comboe drive
Dimensions 500mm (Inc Handles) x 175mm x482.1mm
Weight 19 - 25kg
Card Expansion Features 3rd generation PCIe switched fabric
Four 8 lane slots (x8) - 8GB/s uplink and downlink
Power Supply 600W ATX PSU
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Compatible with Datapath WallControl-red, video wall management software application
Expansion Kit Express9 PCI Express backplane providing one x8 lane slot and eight x4 lane slots
Cooling Dual cooling fans with removable air filter
Warranty 3 year warranty for Express9 backplane