NVIDIA Virtualization Solutions

GPU Virtualization Solutions for Every Workload from Virtual Desktops to Artificial Intelligence

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Virtual Workstations

Provision multiple, easy-to-manage virtual workstations, or a combination of virtual workstations and render nodes from a single NVIDIA RTX Server with Quadro vDWS.

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Multi-GPU Performance

Leverage the latest in accelerator technology from NVIDIA, including the NVIDIA RTX A6000, A5000, NVIDIA A100, NVIDIA A40, A30 and more.

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3 Year Warranty

Exxact provides a 3 year warranty on all HPC Clusters. Have peace of mind, and focus on what matters most, knowing you're taken care of.

UseCase AEC

Empower architects, engineers, and designers to collaborate in real time on designs with virtual workstations powered by Quadro vDWS.

UseCase Education

Liberate the lab and provide access to graphics-intensive 3D software traditionally only found in on-campus physical labs—on any device, from anywhere.

UseCase Energy

Enable geoscientists to remotely access large seismic datasets residing securely in the data center to make multi-million-dollar decisions.

UseCase Financial

Run network-heavy applications on up to four 4K monitors, with security, redundancy, and continuity.

UseCase Gov

Deliver high-quality, simulated training cost-effectively via 3D graphics–rich virtual workstations.

UseCase Medical

Deliver remote access for 3D volumetric viewing and editing of images to radiologists, physicians, and medical imaging specialists.

UseCase Manufacturing

Compress design cycles and accelerate time-to-market, while protecting sensitive data, by enabling virtual access to photorealistic 3D models.

UseCase Media

Remotely edit video and bring on new contractors in minutes while keeping video files securely in the data center.