MPN: X2522-25G-PLUS

Xilinx X2522-25G-PLUS 10/25GbE - SFP28/SFP+ - 2x Port - Low Profile Adapter Card

Xilinx's XtremeScale™ X2522 10/25G dual-port Ethernet network adapters are designed for high-performance electronic trading environments, and cloud and enterprise data centers; including artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, machine learning, storage, and telco applications.

Record-breaking low latency and high throughput network adapters provide real-time packet and flow information to thousands of virtual NICs. This combination of ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, ultra-scale connectivity, and packet telemetry allows X2 series adapters to scale with each server, virtual machine or container.

For electronic trading environments, Onload® kernel bypass application acceleration and DPDK services deliver superior small packet performance with sub-microsecond hardware latency.

Onload dramatically accelerates and scales network-intensive workloads such as in-memory databases, software load balancers, and web servers. With Onload, data centers can support 4X or more users on their cloud network while delivering improved reliability, enhanced quality of service (QoS), and a higher return on investment, without modification to existing applications.

In addition, X2522 adapters support the precision time protocol (PTP) fabric service for apps that require synchronized time stamping of packets down to single-digit nanosecond resolution.

SolarCapture® Pro packet capture software enables X2522 adapters to capture and time stamp packets in hardware, persist packet to disk, and replay packets streams. This feature provides the essential ingredient for corporate data centers to run applications such as high-precision network performance monitoring, analysis, and regulatory compliance.

The X2522 adapters are ideal for scale-out cloud, web, and CDN application environments. Use cases include softwaredefined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), web content optimization, DNS acceleration, web firewalls, load balancing, NoSQL databases, caching tiers (Memcached), web proxies, video streaming, and storage networks.

X2522 adapters speed up TCP, unicast, multicast and UDP traffic for a wide variety of trading applications. From missioncritical exchange gateways and matching engines on the financial exchange side, to feed handlers, order routing, algorithmic trading engines, messaging applications, order execution, data distribution and client communications on the trading side, XtremeScale network adapters are considered the de facto standard in electronic trading environments.