MPN: 900838

VisionTek 900838 Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Universal Mini Keyboard

Turns your tablet, phone or other supported device into a mini notebook computer.

VisionTek has incorporated a unique waterproof design to protect the keyboard against liquid spillage, as well as offer the practical benefit of easily washing off germs, environmental grime, and bacteria commonly found on traditional keyboards. The intuitive layout gives you the ability to type freely and efficiently, while Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect to devices. The foldable design makes the VisionTek Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard ideal for carrying with you on the go. Works with most operating systems including Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android.

Easy to clean and disinfect.

The VisionTek Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard features soft-to-the-touch rubberized keys that are durable, silent, and responsive. Unlike normal keyboards, this rubber-coated keyboard can be cleaned with soap and water using a damp cloth. Easily disinfect the keyboard with a wipe of the entire surface! No more sticky keys or unresponsive keys as a result of spilt coffee, soda, or crumbs.

Great for travel, school, or any work environment requiring the benefits of waterproof devices, the VisionTek Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is ideal for health care, restaurants, construction, schools, or any environment where the keyboard is likely to be shared during the course of the day. The VisionTek Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is IPX6 waterproof rated to protect against heavy splashing and rain. This test sends water at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a rate of 100 liters/min at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.

Built to last!

Between the ultra-slim, lightweight design and ability to fold in half for discrete storage, the VisionTek Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is the ultimate in portability. The high quality print process ensures the text on the keys will not wear out prematurely, even with regular cleaning. The VisionTek Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard comes complete with a USB cable for charging the built-in, long-life lithium-ion battery, and built-in power management software, which helps prolong battery life.