Thermaltake MO-LMA-WDLOBK-04 Level 10 M Advanced Mouse


The Level 10 concept allows gamers to experience the power of their high-end computers through the design itself. In order to achieve this, iconic design is combined with optimum functionality and innovative details. The success design concept Level 10 is extending to computer peripherals, and the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse is the first product to continue the Level 10 experience to the users.


Integrated with Tt eSPORTS' Level 10 M Series ventilation concept, the Level 10 M Advanced aerodynamic honeycomb designed mouse offers breathability to keep your hand cool, allows you to manage airflow while using the mouse and in increased flexibility when moving. This concept enhances expressively more ventilation as it will help ease sweaty palms throughout intense game play, let your hand cool, increasing your comfort and allow you to bring your performance to a new level. The maximum ventilation is ultimately required for keeping gamers cool. Due to longer gaming durations, the aerodynamic inspired design gives an advantage as it could influence your ability to compete over the long period.