TRENDnet TWC-L10 720 Pixel HD Network Camera - Color


TRENDnet's Indoor HD WiFi Light Bulb Network Camera, model TWC-L10, is a simple-to-use surveillance camera disguised as your everyday lightbulb. This wireless lightbulb camera enables easy remote monitoring and controls via your smartphone or tablet. Featuring a built-in camera, smart lighting technology, PIR motion sensors, and two-way audio, this hidden camera looks and functions as a real lightbulb, provides day and night surveillance including a bird's eye view of your entire environment. Free mobile apps allow you to easily view live video, receive motion sensor alerts, and record video files to your device.

Covert Camera Design
Disguised as your everyday lightbulb, this HD WiFi camera can monitor your home or business without drawing unwanted attention.

Smart LED Light
App-controlled smart LED light can be turned on and off remotely, or when motion triggered.

Easy Installation
Simple hardware installation - No special tools required just install into a standard light socket and scan the QR code for a hassle-free P2P cloud access.