StarTech BNDDKT30CAHV USB 3.0 Multiport Adapter - USB-C HDMI VGA USA-A Port


This USB 3.0 multiport adapter comes with a USB-C to A adapter cable, so you can use it with either a USB-A or USB-C laptop. Use it as a portable docking station to expand the connectivity of your laptop, adding HDMI and VGA ports, one USB-A port and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Two Great Products in One Versatile Solution

This USB-A and USB-C multiport adapter combo provides a cost-effective solution for wide-scale use in organizations currently using a mix of USB-A and USB-C laptops through a combination of two products:

A USB 3.0 multiport adapter (USB3SMDOCKHV) with hideaway cable that connects to your laptop's USB-A port

A 6 (152 mm) USB-C to USB-A adapter cable (USB31CAADP) that connects to newer USB-C port equipped laptops

Connect an HDMI or VGA Monitor

Enjoy flexible video output with this USB multiportadapter. You can extend your laptop's display by connecting to an HDMI(2048x1152p)orVGA(2048x1152p)monitor or projector, to give presentations or set up a workstation.

Enhance Productivity

Transform your USB-A or USB-C laptop into a full-scale workstation. Connecta flash drive, mouse or other peripheralto your laptop.Themultiport adapteralso addswired network connectivity with theGbEport, making it ideal in areas without Wi-Fi.

Each item in theBNDDKT30CAHV bundle is backed by its own warranty,ranging from 2years to 3 years, with the added benefit of free lifetime technical support.