November 21, 2016

Press Release

Exxact Corporation Announces Planned HPC Cluster Deployment Using Intel® HPC Orchestrator


Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of high performance computing solutions and professional workstation graphics, today announced its planned production of Turn-Key HPC Clusters integrated with the new Intel® HPC Orchestrator system software stack. Announced at Supercomputing 2016, Intel's HPC Orchestrator is said to be a licensed, value-add version of OpenHPC that will be supported by Intel and Exxact.

Intel HPC Orchestrator is a family of Intel-supported products designed to simplify HPC system software stack implementation and maintenance. It provides a pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-validated software stack that can significantly reduce the time required to perform those tasks. The HPC software stack will be ready for deployment in Exxact’s Tensor Series Turn-Key Servers and Clusters.

"Combining Exxact Turn-Key Clusters with Intel's HPC Orchestrator Advanced software stack helps Exxact deliver HPC clusters with a script based approach for a faster, simplified cluster deployment for both Exxact and the end-user receiving the cluster." said Andrew Nelson, Director of Engineering at Exxact Corporation. "Intel's HPC Orchestrator Advanced approach of having integrated Intel Development & Performance tools and libraries also leads improved ease-of-use, and ultimately higher cluster utilization."

As a key essential element of the Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) Intel HPC Orchestrator simplifies the installation, management, and ongoing maintenance of an HPC system.

Intel HPC Orchestrator is a comprehensive system software platform that enables OEM’s, ISV’s, developers, system administrators, and end users to:

  • Manage new workloads such as machine learning (ML), big data, and high performance data analysis (HPDA).
  • Leverage a reliable, modular, and customizable solution which reduces the complexity of building and maintaining an HPC system
  • Incorporate a pre-integrated and pre-tested solution to take the complexity out of integrating individual components and validating the software stack allowing for more time to focus on innovative solutions for new workloads.
  • Utilize an updated, maintained, and Intel supported solution, so organizations can adopt new hardware technologies faster and with reduced risk.

Intel HPC Orchestrator provides advanced testing, validation and ongoing support for the software stack. It is based on the community-developed system software stack from OpenHPC, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. It includes a collection of integrated software components commonly used in the HPC community.

Some of the key features and capabilities of Intel HPC Orchestrator include:

  • Boot types: Diskless and Diskful
  • Various provisioning methods (e.g., Bare metal installation, Warewulf base, image-based provisioning, PXE-based provisioning)
  • Hierarchical structure, multiple development environment support
  • Includes integrated administrative tools and flexible development environment
  • Utilizes common Linux update mechanisms (e.g., YUM, Zypper)

Exxact will be providing three different offerings for Intel HPC Orchestrator:

  1. Custom - Release date TBA
  2. Advanced - Available through Fellow Traveler Partners
  3. Turn-Key - Release date TBA

For more information or inquiries regarding Exxact HPC Clusters featuring Intel HPC Orchestrator, please contact Exxact here:

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