October 1, 2019

Press Release

Exxact Announces Xilinx Alveo Accelerator-Powered Servers & Workstations: Now Shipping Worldwide


Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of high performance computing solutions (HPC), announced that their Xilinx Alveo Accelerator Powered Workstations & Servers are now shipping worldwide.

The Xilinx Alveo accelerator-powered workstations and servers from Exxact are designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the modern data center, providing up to 90X performance increase over CPUs for computationally intensive workloads and perform up to 90X higher than CPUs on key workloads at 1/3 the cost.

“Exxact systems paired with Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards give our customers unique options for maximum flexibility, performance, and cost saving solutions for HPC, networking, and computational storage,” said Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact Corporation. “Alveo accelerators offers the hardware adaptability of the FPGA with simple high-level development tools as well as containerized deployment options you'll find with mainstream applications”.

Exxact systems with Xilinx Alveo accelerators can perform multiple tasks from machine learning inference, to video processing, to any workload using the same accelerator card. Systems come preinstalled with the Xilinx ML Suite including the Anaconda development environment for implementing ML software (TensorFlow, Keras, MXNET, Caffe, etc) to run on Alveo accelerator cards.

Exxact Xilinx Alveo Accelerator solutions are available for order today. For more information explore Exxact's Xilinx Solutions

Exxact is offering various Xilinx Alveo accelerator-powered workstations and servers including:

Deploy Xilinx Alveo solutions in the cloud or on-premises interchangeably as it is scalable to specific application requirements. Take existing pre-trained machine learning models and optimize them for the Xilinx Alveo accelerators, with no re-training needed.

Exxact is showing their Xilinx Alveo solutions at Booth 45 at the Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF), taking place October 1-2, 2019. For more information or inquiries about Exxact Xilinx Alveo Accelerators, please contact the Exxact sales department here.

About Exxact Corporation
Exxact develops and manufactures innovative computing platforms and solutions that include workstation, server, cluster, and storage products developed for Deep Learning, Life Sciences, HPC, Big Data, Cloud, Visualization, Video Wall, and AV applications. With a full range of engineering and logistics services, including consultancy, initial solution validation, manufacturing, implementation, and support, Exxact enables its customers to solve complex computing challenges, meet product development deadlines, improve resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, and maintain a competitive edge. Visit Exxact Corporation at www.exxactcorp.com.