September 28, 2017

Press Release

Exxact Announces New HPC Solutions Featuring NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU Accelerators


Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of high performance computing, today announced its planned production of HPC solutions using the new NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerator. Exxact will be integrating the Tesla V100 into its Tensor series of servers, which are currently offered with NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs. The NVIDIA Tesla V100 was first introduced at the GPU Technology Conference 2017 held in San Jose, California.

The NVIDIA Tesla V100 is engineered for the convergence of AI and HPC. It offers a platform for Exxact HPC systems to excel at both computational science for scientific simulation and data science for finding insights in data. By pairing NVIDIA CUDA® cores and Tensor Cores within a unified architecture, a single Exxact Tensor server with Tesla V100 GPUs can replace hundreds of commodity CPU-only servers for both traditional HPC and AI workloads. Every researcher and engineer can now afford an AI supercomputer to tackle their most challenging work with Exxact Tensor servers featuring NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

“The NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerator introduces a new foundation for artificial intelligence.” said Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact Corporation. “With its key compute features coupled with top tier performance and efficiency, the Tesla V100 GPUs will enable us to create exceptional HPC systems designed to power the most computationally intensive workloads.”

NVIDIA Tesla V100 is the world’s most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, HPC, and graphics. Powered by the latest GPU architecture, NVIDIA Volta, Tesla V100 offers the performance of 100 CPUs in a single GPU—enabling data scientists, researchers, and engineers to tackle challenges that were once impossible. The Tesla V100 comes in two form factors:

  • Tesla V100 for NVIDIA NVLink™ (SXM2): Ultimate performance for deep learning
  • Tesla V100 for PCIe: Highest versatility for all workloads

With 640 Tensor Cores, Tesla V100 is the world’s first GPU to break the 100 teraflops (TFLOPS) barrier of deep learning performance. The next generation of NVIDIA NVLink high-speed interconnect technology connects multiple V100 GPUs at up to 300 GB/s to create the world’s most powerful computing servers. AI models that would consume weeks of computing resources on previous systems can now be trained in a few days. With this dramatic reduction in training time, a whole new world of problems will now be solvable with AI.

Tesla V100 Specifications:

  • 5,120 CUDA cores
  • 640 New Tensor Cores7.8 TFLOPS double-precision performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost™
  • 15.7 TFLOPS single-precision performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost
  • 125 TFLOPS mixed-precision deep learning performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost
  • 300 GB/s bi-directional interconnect bandwidth with NVIDIA NVLink
  • 900 GB/s memory bandwidth with CoWoS HBM2 Stacked Memory
  • 16 GB of CoWoS HBM2 Stacked Memory
  • 300 Watt

Exxact Tensor servers featuring the new NVIDIA Tesla V100 are available for order here. For more information or inquiries, please contact the Exxact sales department here.

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