February 23, 2016

Press Release

Colovore and Exxact Partner To Deliver Cost-Effective, Scalable HPC Infrastructure Solutions


Colovore, Silicon Valley’s leader in high-density colocation services, and Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of innovative HPC computing platforms, have partnered to deliver a full end-to-end deployment solution for power-dense, high-performance IT infrastructure. The partnership allows for companies deploying HPC, Big Data, and Private/Hybrid Cloud platforms to design, develop, and provision their infrastructure utilizing the joint services of Colovore and Exxact. Customers can utilize Exxact to design and manufacture their HPC requirements and then seamlessly provision the hardware in Colovore’s Santa Clara colocation facility.

"We have seen increasing demands for scalable deployments of our GPU clusters containing multiple co-processor or GPU devices,” commented Andrew Nelson, Director of Engineering of Exxact Corporation. “But we are finding that these dense power deployments often require 10-30 kW per data center rack. Typically, it will overwhelm the power and cooling capacities of legacy colocation or in-house data center environments. We’ve partnered with Colovore for customer deployments because they offer the most power-dense and scalable data center infrastructure in the Bay Area.”

“We are excited to work with Exxact to deliver an end-to-end solution for customers deploying GPU clusters, Big Data infrastructure, Hadoop and a variety of compute-intensive applications,” stated Sean Holzknecht, President of Colovore. “With wall-to-wall power densities of 20 kW per rack and a pay-by-the-kW pricing model, our data center has the power HPC infrastructure requires to operate reliably and customers can scale one kW at a time, which is highly cost-effective and predictable.”

About Colovore
Colovore was founded in 2012 by an experienced group of colocation, data center, and IT infrastructure executives. With power densities of 20 kW per rack and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model, we offer colocation the way you want it—cost-efficient, scalable, and robust. Colovore is backed by industry leaders including Digital Realty Trust. For more information please visit www.colovore.com

About Exxact Corporation
Exxact develops and manufactures innovative computing platforms and solutions that include workstation, server, cluster, and storage products developed for Life Sciences, HPC, Big Data, Cloud, Visualization, Video Wall, and AV applications. With a full range of engineering and logistics services, including consultancy, initial solution validation, manufacturing, implementation, and support, Exxact enables their customers to solve complex computing challenges, meet product development deadlines, improve resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, and maintain a competitive edge. Visit Exxact Corporation at www.exxactcorp.com