MPN: LT-LS3000

Litra LT-LS3000 LitraStudio


Infinite Colors Anywhere

The World's Most Powerful Portable RGBWW Light for filmmaking, broadcasting, videography and photography.

With over a million unique colors and extreme color accuracy of 97 TLCI, the LitraStudio™ lights the scene in any location - no cords attached. With a deceptively small footprint, the LitraStudio™ delivers 3,000 Lumens with a built-in, swappable 9,000 mAh power bank.

Best In Class LED Technology

The precision designed microstructure lens delivers a smooth and even light pattern with no center hotspot or harsh edges. The LitraStudio™ is flicker free at all shutter angles.

Intelligent Design

With its ultra compact form factor, the LitraStudio™ packs an impressive punch. There is no other fixture on the market that delivers this much power per inch and per ounce.

Ultra Rugged

Its armor-clad, waterproof form factor makes the LitraStudio distinctly rugged and ready for the inevitable bumps, drops and spills of filmmaking, all while delivering uncompromised performance and control.

Enhanced Control & Connectivity

Choose from a range of fully tunable color settings, including CCT, HSI, RGBWW, Gel Presets, Effects, and Flash modes that can all be adjusted in real time.

Versatile Accessories

The LitraStudio™ can also be used with Litra's custom built soft box, barn doors, and honeycomb grids, as well as other traditional light modifiers to soften and shape the light further.