Lenovo ZA3A0022US Mirage 13 Megapixel 3D Compact Camera - White


Capture, share and relive

Capture life's special moments as you see them. Live-stream or share with friends and family, so they can experience those moments in ultra-high definition, 4K resolution. Faded memories and forgotten details will be a thing of the past.

On demand.

Mirage Camera makes capturing unforgettable moments in wide-angle, true-depth VR video-ready-made for Google's new VR180 format-easier than ever. Seamlessly upload to YouTube and Google Photos to share with friends and family, so they can experience your special moments as if they were right there beside you.

Slide on a VR headset, and relive your captured moments as if you were still there. VR180 picture and video captures the full view in front of you, ensuring your amazing memories are just as you remember.

As simple as point and shoot

Mirage Camera is light and compact, making it easy to take anywhere. Just over 4 long and 2 tall, and weighing less than 5 ounces, Mirage Camera makes capturing VR content a treat rather than a chore. And with a beautiful, minimalist design surrounding its dual 13MP stereoscopic cameras, you'll want to be seen just as much as you'll want to show off what you're shooting.