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Intel Xeon Phi Solutions

Power your innovations with Exxact Intel Xeon Phi Solutions

Eliminate node bottlenecks, simplify your code modernization, and work on a power-efficient architecture with our Intel Xeon Phi Solutions. The bootable host processor based on Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture) is built to handle your most-demanding High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, including Deep Learning. The Intel Xeon Phi processor is a future-ready solution that maximizes your return on investment by using open standards for code that is flexible, portable, and reusable.

Solve Challenges Faster

With up to 72 out-of-order cores, the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor delivers over 3 teraFLOPS (floating-point operations per second) of double-precision peak while providing 3.5 times higher performance per watt than the previous generation.

Realize Unmatched Value

Standardizing on a unified Intel® architecture means you can use a single programming model for all your code, thereby reducing operational and programming expenses through a shared developer base and code reuse.

Maximize Future Potential

The broad ecosystem of partners and robust roadmap you get by building on Intel® architecture allows for scalability, easy flexibility, and long-term support in compute, memory/storage, I/O, and software.