HuddleCamHD HC-HUDDLESHARE Wireless and Wired Content Sharing for MAC/PC/IOS/ANDROID


Wireless Presentation Solution

The HuddleShare is a hassle-free wireless content sharing device that has been designed to support the needs of the modern conference room. Easily share your ideas and content securely from any Mac, PC, Android, or iOS devices directly to any meeting room projector or LCD display with HDMI.

Seamless Wireless Content Sharing

The HuddleShare has been designed to provide a seamless user experience across every meeting room in your company. In the BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, conferencing space, the HuddleShare provides a seamless wireless content sharing solution that satisfies all users. Forget about installing expensive audiovisual cabling and leverage the affordable HuddleShare wireless content system. If your room already has an HDMI input or dedicated computer you can use the HDMI auto-switching feature to easily add wireless connectivity to your room with connectivity options for an installed HDMI input or meeting room computer.

For Meetings That Matter

Easy Setup. The only cable you need is HDMI to connect your HuddleShare to your display. The HuddleShare can connect to your network through both wired and wireless connection options. Software is easily installed from the unit in seconds. No need to search for a proprietary connector or spending large amounts of time before the meeting. Smartphones can quickly download the wireless sharing app for iOS or Android using the QR codes on the dashboard display.

Collaborate - share presentations, movies, pictures, spreadsheets, and word documents, with powerful whiteboarding and annotation features that allow real-time team-based content collaboration. If you have a touch screen you can connect it to the HuddleShare to enable touch control of any connected PC computer. When the presentation is over, your notes can easily be saved and distributed among meeting participants.

High Definition

2 Year Warranty


Simple Use

Full 1080p Video

Universal Compatibility