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Hadoop® Big Data Solutions

Apache™ Hadoop® is open source software that provides the distributed processing of large amounts of data. It is designed to be scalable from a single node to a cluster of nodes, which is simplified by the use of Bright Cluster Manager®. The advantage it has over using high-end hardware is from the use of the software's ability to find and accomodate failures at the application level. All Hadoop© Big Data Solutions are built and configured by Exxact to achieve the best performance. Each solution is custom designed by Exxact engineers to cater towards specific and unique project requirements to establish optimization and achieve maximum scalability and effciency. Exxact provides the highest value for every Hadoop solution, whether it be a single node or a cluster.

Hadoop® Big Data Solutions Features:

  • Single node or HPC cluster solutions
  • Add new nodes and resources without interfering with data workflows
  • Cluster nodes connected in paralled, reduces costs of storage and modeling of data
  • Cluster interface options include 10GB, Infiniband, or GBe
  • Clustered solutions automatically redirect work in the event of node failure

Bright Cluster Manager for Hadoop®

Bright Cluster Manager for Hadoop allows the cluster management software to build, manage, and maintain big data clusters. It can be configured as a complete Hadoop solution, or to manage distributions from leading vendors such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and Pivotal.


Installs on Bare Metal, Manages File Systems for Hadoop, Configuration and operation of Hadoop based on role assignments, Comprehensive Monitoring and Health Checking, Deploys Multiple Distributions, Operate Multiple Hadoop Instances Simultaneously, Unified and Integrated Hadoop Management Operations, Enhanced Security for Hadoop.