Enermax EAG001-W EAG001 Air Guide - TWIN PACK

ENERMAX patented Air Guide brings you brand new experience in managing airflow with a 360° rotatable grill. You can guide cool air directly to the hot spot zones in the PC system by manually rotating the fan grill in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. EAG001 Air Guide is a creative gadget to optimize airflow.

Patented Air Guide for preferred airflow direction adjustment

Application : Mount Air Guide on CPU Cooler with 12cm fan.
- Adjust airflow direction toward the rear case fan area to exhaust hot air effectively.

360° rotatable grill gives 360° airflow coverage

Ideal solution for better airflow management

Application : Mount Air Guide on the front fans.
-Direct the cool air to hot spot zones in the system.

Hassle-free magnetic fan mounting pins are included for easy installation