MPN: J84-2120LUBUS-2

Cherry J84-2120LUBUS-2 J84-2120 POS Keyboard

Corded, washable, backlit keyboard with integrated pointing device, for medical and industrial applications

  • Compact, Unique, Easy-to-Wipe Key-Top: No room for bacteria and infection traps, Easy-to-clean surface, Integrated Pointing Device
  • CLEAN KEY: Prevents data from being sent while the keyboard is wiped down, allowing user to clean at any interval with minimal downtime, User is notified of 'lock down mode' by brightly lit CLEAN KEY
  • Rugged and Fully Sealed: Completely sealed rubber top casing-NEMA 4 rating, Suitable for rinsing with cleaning and disinfection fluids. Impervious to typical hospital cleaning solution, Pre-tapped mounting holes for easy installation
  • Backlit: Selectable Backlit Key field 4-levels of brightness
  • Pointing device: New low power, sealed, optical pointing device offers high speed motion detection and no moving parts
  • Mounting: AMPS mount
  • Humidity: 100%
  • LED color: RED