BeeGFS Storage Pools Tutorial

How to Create & Implement Storage Pools in BeeGFS (Code Examples Included)

Storage pools in BeeGFS allow the cluster administrator to group storage targets and mirror buddy groups together in specific classes. This is useful in that there can be one pool consisting of fast, but small solid state drives, and another pool for large bulk storage using big spinning disks. Pools can have descriptive names (such as Flash or Bulk), thus making it easy to remember which pool to use without looking up the storage targets in the pool.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create & implement storage pools using BeeGFS specifically:

  • Creating Storage Pools
  • Create an Intuitive Named Multi-tiered Storage Architecture
    • Creating the 'FlashPool' Namespace
    • Creating the 'HDDPool' Namespace
  • Verifying results

BeeGFS Storage Pools
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