MPN: SGM-990+I

Azden SGM-990+I 2-Position Shotgun Mic with TRRS Adapter for iOS


The SGM-990+i is a 6 long, directional shotgun microphone with two selectable sound pick-up patterns that is designed for use DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and mobile devices using the included TRRS adapter cable.

The SGM-990+i is unique in that it allows you to switch between two a Long and Short pick-up pattern. Use Long to focus on your sound source or pick up sound from a distance. Use Short for when your sound source is close or covers a broader field. Both settings will provide rejection of unwanted sound from the sides and the back.

The sound quality recorded by the built in microphone in most cameras is often very poor. The SGM-990+i is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the sound quality of your videos.

The SGM-990+i can improve the sound quality of your mobile and live streaming videos too. By using the included TRRS adapter cable, it can be made compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices on the market today.