Adesso AKB-138EB EasyTouch Gaming Illuminated Keyboard


Multi-Color Illuminated Keyboard

Our backlit illuminated keyboard combines Red, Green and Blue LED's arranged like the colors in a rainbow. Onboard keystroke commands allow you to control special effects with the lighting that mirror breathing with the pulsation of the LED's. Illuminated keyboards are the perfect solution for your home office or gaming environment, during the day and even better at night, whether you are working hard or playing hard.

Spill Resistant Design

Our innovative design combines deep keycap wells with a silicone membrane that is impervious to water, provid-ing you with a spill-resistant keyboard that can stand up to your morning coffee and still function in the case of accidental spills.

Laser Etched Keycaps

Our Laser Etched Keycaps ensure that your letters and symbols will not wear off in a short period of time, unlike lesser models that screen print the characters on your keyboard.

Internet / Multimedia Hotkeys

Provide one-touch access to your most frequently used programs, the Inter net and your Multimedia Contr ols.