MPN: GM310

AVerMedia GM310 Aegis Microphone

Aegis is a gaming microphone built for open, clear, focused communications. It filters out speaker sounds, has intuitive controls, and stays out of sight.

Immune to Your Speakers

Our exclusive Speaker Sound Suppression technology neutralizes in-game audio coming out from your speakers. Your audience won't even notice you have your speakers turned on!

High-Sensitivity Reception

The built-in high sensitivity microphone has a reception range of up to 24 inches. You can sit back, relax, and truly enjoy your games.

Handy Volume Control

With the intuitive volume control, you can increase/decrease or mute your volume with minimal efforts. You won't have to shift your attention away from your plays any more.


The shield-like design, combined with its reception power, allows Aegis to stay inconspicuous underneath your monitor, thereby giving you plenty of room, and a clear line of sight.