• Standard Memory: 16 GB
  • GPU Clock: 1.50 GHz
  • Cooler Type: Passive
  • Product Type: Graphic Card
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The World’s Fastest Training Accelerator for Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning

The Radeon Instinct™ MI25 accelerator, designed with the most advanced Next-Gen “Vega” GPU architecture, is the ultimate training accelerator for large scale machine intelligence and deep learning, along with being an optimized open compute workhorse for single-precision HPC-class system workloads.

The MI25 delivers leadership in FP16 and FP32 performance in a passively-cooled single GPU server card with 24.6 TFLOPS of FP16 and 12.3 TFLOPS of FP32 peak performance through its 64 compute units with 4,096 stream processors.

The Radeon Instinct MI25’s powerful compute engine and advanced memory architecture, combined with AMD’s ROCm open software platform and ecosystem, provides a powerful, flexible heterogeneous compute solution that allows datacenter designers to meet the challenges of a new era of compute and Machine Intelligence.

AMD’s Radeon Instinct™ MI25, combined with the ROCm open software platform and MIOpen libraries, delivers superior performance per watt for deep learning training deployments in the datacenter

Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning Neural Network Training

  • High performance FP16 and FP32 compute
  • Open software ROCm platform for HPC-class rack scale
  • Optimized MIOpen deep learning framework libraries
  • Large BAR support for mGPU peer to peer
  • Superior compute density and performance per node when combining AMD EPYC™ server processor and Radeon Instinct™ accelerators
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HPC Heterogeneous Compute

  • Outstanding compute density and performance per node
  • Open software ROCm platform for HPC class rack scale
  • Open source Linux drivers, HCC compiler, tools and libraries from the metal forward
  • Open industry standard support of multiple architectures and industry standard interconnect technologies

Next-Gen “Vega” Architecture with the World’s Most Advanced Memory Architecture

The Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerator brings in a new era of compute for the datacenter with itsNext-Gen “Vega” architecture delivering superior compute performance via its powerful parallel compute engine and Next-Gen programmable geometry pipeline improving processing efficiencies, while delivering 2x peak throughput-per-clock over previous Radeon architectures. The Radeon Instinct MI25 provides increased performance density, while decreasing energy consumption per operation making it the perfect solution for today’s demanding workloads in the datacenter.

MxGPU SR-IOV Hardware Virtualization

Design support for AMD’s MxGPU SR-IOV hardware virtualization technology, the Radeon Instinct MI25 provides a VDI solution with dedicated user GPU resources, data security and version control. Plus, a cost effective licensing model with no additional hardware licensing fees, and a simplified native driver model ensuring operating system and application compatibility.

Remote Manageability Capabilities

The Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerator has advanced out-of-band manageability circuitry for simplified GPU monitoring in large scale systems. The MI25’s manageability capabilities provide accessibility via I2C, regardless of what state the GPU is in, providing advanced monitoring of a range of static and dynamic GPU information using PMCI compliant data structures including board part detail, serial numbers, GPU temperature, power and other information.

ROCm Open Software Platform

AMD’s ROCm platform provides a scalable, fully open source software platform optimized for large-scale heterogeneous system deployments with an open source headless Linux driver, HCC compiler, rich runtime based on HSA, tools and libraries.

Deep Learning AMD GPU Solutions

General Information
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc
Manufacturer Part Number
Manufacturer Website Address
Brand Name
Product Name
Radeon Instinct™ MI25 Accelerator Graphics Card
Product Type
Graphic Card
Technical Information
API Supported
  • OpenGL 4.6
  • OpenCL 2.0
  • DirectX 12
  • ROCm (Radeon Open eCosystem)
  • Vulkan 1.0
  • Processor & Chipset
    Chipset Manufacturer
    Chipset Line
    Radeon Instinct
    Chipset Model
    GPU Clock
    1.50 GHz
    Standard Memory
    16 GB
    Memory Bandwidth
    Up to 484 GB/s
    Number of DisplayPort Outputs
    PCIe Gen 3 x16
    Physical Characteristics
    Form Factor
    PCIe Add-in Card
    Platform Supported
  • Linux 64-bit
  • PC