3M GF140W9E Gold Privacy Filter Gold, Glossy


Gold Touch Privacy Filter keeps confidential information private when working in public places. It is great for high-traffic areas such as airports, coffee shops and other public places. You see your laptop screen with incredibly crisp image clarity while visual hackers with side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle see a vivid golden shield. Ultra-thin, ultra-responsive design provides consistent touch responsiveness. Proprietary gold effect provides premium privacy with a glossy finish. Filter reduces 35 percent of blue light transmission from the display. It is reversible between vibrant gold and a glossy black screen. Filter is designed to fit laptops with a diagonally measured, 14 full screen and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Actual filter dimensions are 12-1/2 wide x 6-7/8 high (318mm x 175mm). It includes strips for each attachment. Lightweight, thin, frameless filter protects your display from dirt, debris and scratches.