GPU-optimized Software Hub. Simplifying DL, ML and HPC Workflows.

NGC is the hub for GPU-accelerated software that simplifies workflows so that data scientists and developers can focus on building larger, higher accuracy models and solutions and researchers can concentrate on gathering insights.

NGC software, pre-packaged and tested for deep learning, machine learning, and high performance computing (HPC), increases productivity and shortens time-to-solution. The performance-optimized application containers, pre-built AI models, and ready-to-use workflows offered on NGC can be deployed on NVIDIA GPU-powered desktops, on-prem servers, VMs and cloud services.

NGC-Ready servers from Exxact are validated for NGC software container running on bare-metal and VMs. Minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance on your NGC-Ready server with NVIDIA NGC Support Services delivering direct access to NVIDIA’s software experts.

Build Performance-Optimized Solutions and Gather Insights Faster

NGC gives users a head start with AI software which requires a deep understanding of optimizing the software stack across many different layers, from the OS, drivers, and frameworks, all the way through training models and performing production inference. NGC further accelerates data scientist productivity with easy-to-deploy frameworks, pre-built deep learning models, and complete workflows. NGC also offers HPC application containers that can be easily deployed in data centers, eliminating the need for complex installations. By taking care of the plumbing, NGC enables users to focus on building lean models, producing optimal solutions and gathering faster insights. The software runs on NVIDIA Tensor Cores and are performance-optimized for the highest throughput. You’ll build larger models faster, generating real-time feedback and results to make better and faster business decisions.

Simplifying AI Adoption with Ready-to-Use Software

Despite clear benefits, the complexity and lack of AI expertise make it difficult for enterprises in various industries to adopt and build AI solutions. NGC takes care of the heavy lifting (expertise, time, compute resources) by offering pre-built models and workflows with best-in-class accuracy and performance.

Run Anywhere You Have NVIDIA GPUs

NGC software runs on-prem, in the cloud, and in hybrid and multi-cloud deployment s. This allows for maximum utilization of available GPUs, portability, and scalability. The containers are also tested to run in a virtualized environment, allowing system admins to take advantage of centralized management, higher security, live migration, and an efficient use of GPU resources by allocating multiple VMs per GPU or multiple GPUs per VM.

Deploy Software on NGC-Ready Systems with Confidence

NGC-Ready systems are validated for functionality and performance of NGC software in bare-metal and virtualized environment. Optional NVIDIA support provides enterprises with business-hour support directly from NVIDIA to ensure that NGC-Ready servers are running optimally and taking full advantage of NVIDIA GPU compute resources and NVIDIA NGC containers. This service covers the full containerized AI software stack running on Ubuntu and RHEL on bare metal as well as VMs running in vSphere environments.

NGC-Ready Systems

  • NGC Ready systems are tested and validated so you can deploy with confidence
  • Integrates with Current Data Center Infrastructure Bare metal & VMs

As more organizations rely on AI and data science to create groundbreaking solutions, IT teams are faced with managing new types of workloads, software stacks, and hardware for a diverse set of users.

NGC-Ready systems are validated for performance and functionality of NGC containers on bare-metal and virtual servers so IT teams can deploy the system for AI workloads in their current environment with confidence.

NVIDIA NGC Support Services

NVIDIA NGC Support Services provides enterprise-grade support to ensure that Exxact Workstations and Servers perform optimally on AI workloads and delivers maximum user productivity. Serviced by NVIDIA, the support gives direct phone access to subject matter experts to quickly address L1 issues.Clearly defined escalation paths for L2 and L3 issues ensure prompt NVIDIA response to get your system online with minimal disruptions. This support for open source AI software combined with Exxact Support gives enterprise IT confidence in their NGC-ready systems running AI workloads on bare-metal and virtualized environment.

Enterprise IT plays a crucial role to minimize system downtime and improve developer productivity, customer satisfaction and revenues. However, most IT teams are new to providing AI infrastructure support. They’re also new to supporting virtualized GPU-powered servers. Simplifying their efforts in addressing software issues will maximize system utilization.

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