Supported Software

Structural Mechanics


Ansys LS-DYNA is the most used explicit simulation program in the world and is capable of simulating the response of materials to short periods of severe loading. Its many elements, contact formulations, material models and other controls can be used to simulate complex models with control over all the details of the problem.

Capabilities and Features

Linear and Non-Linear Contact

In LS-DYNA contacts are constantly searched for between models using various algorithms. When contact is encountered, a force proportional to the penetration depth is applied to ultimately eliminate the penetration coefficient to simulate the bending and breaking of an object.

Adaptive Remeshing

Several tools are provided for local refinement of volume mesh to capture mesh sensitive phenomena. Users can define surfaces used to specify a local mesh size inside the volume. If no internal mesh is used, the Adaptive Remeshing uses linear interpolation of the surface to define the volume enclosure.

ARM and Cloud Support for HPC

Ansys LS-DYNA continues to empower users to run large jobs and overcome hardware capacity limitations with high-performance computing ARM and Ansys Cloud support for LS-DYNA. run Ansys LS-DYNA simulations remotely without having to endure long simulation time on a primary device.

ansys ls dyna crash test

Simulate Extreme Deformation

Engineers can tackle simulations involving material failure and look at how the failure progresses through a part or through a system using Ansys LS-Dyna. Model accurate behavior of complex behaviors of interactions and load passing of large objects and surfaces. Ansys LS-DYNA is the most used explicit simulation program in the world.