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UCSF Chimera
UCSF Chimera
Life Science & Molecular Dynamics

UCSF Chimera

UCSF Chimera is a powerful and widely used software program for the interactive visualization and analysis of molecular structures and related data. It allows users to explore the three-dimensional structure of proteins, DNA, RNA, and other macromolecules in great detail, and to generate high-quality images and animations of their findings. Chimera also includes a range of tools for molecular modeling, simulation, and analysis, as well as interfaces to many external programs and databases. Its user-friendly interface and flexible scripting capabilities make it a valuable resource for researchers in many fields, including structural biology, biochemistry, and drug discovery.

Capabilities and Features

High Integration Workflow

UCSF Chimera is designed to be highly compatible with other software tools and databases in the field of molecular biology such as PDB, CIF, and MOL2, and can interface with external tools for docking, energy minimization, and molecular dynamics simulations, such as AMBER, and CHARMM. This enables researchers to link their MD simulation with visualization for an integrated and tailored workflow.

Structure Analysis

Chimera offers tools for analyzing and visualizing molecular data, enabling users to calculate and display various molecular properties, compare multiple structures, and generate high-quality images and animations. Its user-friendly interface makes Chimera a valuable resource for researchers in structural biology, biochemistry, and drug discovery.

Sequencing Analysis

Chimera offers several plugins that enable the in-depth analysis of protein sequences. Find structural similar proteins, identify hydrogen bonds between amino acids, and visualize, compare, and predict secondary structures based solely on amino acid sequences. Chimera’s sequence analysis tools fuel an advanced understanding of the structure and function of proteins.


Interactive Visualization

UCSF Chimera offers interactive visualization of molecular structures with advanced graphics capabilities that allow users to display and manipulate molecules in real time using various tools and techniques. It supports zooming, rotating, translating, and customizing display settings to highlight specific features or properties of interest. Load molecules easily by importing PDB files or viewing AlphaFold, the AI protein folding technology that predicts protein structure with added coloring based on positioning confidence.