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Life Science & Molecular Dynamics


A state of the art scientific software platform for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) used in research and drug discovery pipelines.

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Extract valuable insight from single particle cryo-EM data

CryoSPARC combines powerful innovations in 3D reconstruction algorithms with specially designed software to provide a streamlined end-to-end single particle cryo-EM workflow. Rapidly solve high-resolution structures of biologically important targets, with advanced tools for membrane proteins, heterogeneous samples, and flexible molecules. Process 3D refinements in minutes on GPU.

CryoSPARC is a globally trusted complete solution for cryo-EM data processing


Ultra-fast end-to-end processing of raw cryo-EM data and reconstruction of electron density maps, ready for ingestion into model building software.

Optimized Algorithms

Optimized algorithms and GPU acceleration at all stages, from pre-processing through particle picking, 2D particle classification, 3D ab-initio structure determination, high resolution refinement, and heterogeneity analysis.


Specialized and unique tools for therapeutically relevant targets, membrane proteins, continuously flexible structures.

Interactive Visualizer

Interactive, visual and iterative experimentation for even the most complex workflows.

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CryoSPARC Live

Keep pace with data collection with CryoSPARC Live

CryoSPARC Live™ is an extension of the cryoSPARC platform that enables real-time cryo-EM data quality assessment and decision making during live data collection, as well as an expedited, streamlined workflow for processing already available data.

Our Systems Facilitate Any Stage of Research


Data Preparation

Exxact's CryoEM stack features a full suite of tools such as Motioncor, CTFFIND/Gctf and more for Relion reconstructions.

2D to 3D_

2D Image Processing and 3D Reconstruction


Create PBD Outputs and Classifications


Obtain Structure Files and Prepare Simulation Environment


Analysis and Visualization