May 19, 2023

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Exxact Corporation Now Offering Ampere Altra Family ARM Servers


Exxact Corporation Now Offering Ampere® Altra® Family Servers Built with ARM Architecture

Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and data center solutions, announces its new offering of the TensorEX server platform featuring the Ampere® Altra® Cloud Native Processor family. Harness ultimate density, energy efficiency, and single-threaded performance enabling the next wave of data center processors based on the Arm architecture.

Ampere® Altra® CPUs push the capabilities of HPC with more cores and competitive performance per watt to drive a plethora of workloads. Ampere is taking the computing industry by storm with its unparalleled density perfect for cloud, edge, inference, and more.

“Exxact Corporation is proud to offer an expansive set of systems to satisfy any and all data center needs. Diversifying our server line with ARM-based Ampere CPUs offers even more choices for customers looking to tackle their own unique workloads. Our goal is to put the computing hardware in the hand of innovation and discovery,” said Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact Corporation.

“With the explosion of AI models and use cases worldwide, the new TensorEX line of servers offering models with high density GPU connectivity, hits the sweet spot of balanced computing performance with the versatility of GPU attached and CPU only AI computing options.” said Sean Varley, Vice President of Product Marketing at Ampere, “This new line of servers offers our customers new choices in HPC, scientific computing and AI uses cases at a critical time in the evolution of high performance compute toward Cloud Native solutions.”

More About the Exxact Corporation Ampere® Altra® Offerings

Exxact will offer a wide range of platforms featuring the Ampere® Altra® product family, including the following:

Exxact’s newly-launched Ampere Altra line of servers is customizable for users’ needs. Learn more at:

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About Ampere Computing

Ampere is a modern semiconductor company designing the future of cloud computing with the world's first Cloud Native Processors. Built for the sustainable Cloud with the highest performance and best performance per watt, Ampere processors accelerate the delivery of all cloud computing applications. Ampere Cloud Native Processors provide industry-leading cloud performance, power efficiency, and scalability. For more information visit