NVIDIA Tesla GPU HPC Clusters

Supercharge HPC, AI, and Data Center Applications with the Most Advanced GPU Architectures

  • Modernize your infrastructure to satisfy the ever-growing compute demands of GPU accelerated applications.
  • Transform your enterprise by virtualizing graphics and compute, & easily allocate resources for any workload.
  • Take advantage of flexible AI infrastructures for your training and inference workloads.

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The Top Institutions Use Our Clusters

Mayo Clinic

Exxact GPU Cluster Infrastructure Features


Cluster Management

Stay in control with node management & provisioning, workload management, hardware inventory & management, and hardware monitoring & metrics.

Containerization Support & Orchestration

Spin up instances quickly with secure containers. Manage container redundancy and scaling with orchestration tools.


Object Oriented Parallel Storage

Provide simple to use parallel access to application data across all projects.

Fast Access Flash Storage

Fast access data storage to help front load application data.

Scale-Out Data Lake

Long term data storage for archival reference.


Parallelized GPU Compute

Customizable, fully turnkey, high density GPU servers.

Join the Industries Realizing the Benefits of HPC GPU Computing

Deep Learning/ AI

Deep Learning/ AI

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs leverage mixed precision to accelerate deep learning training throughputs across every framework and every type of neural network.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Analytics and visualization solutions utilizing NVIDIA Tesla GPUs provide deeper insights, enable dynamic correlation, and deliver predictive outcomes at scale.

Life Science

Life Science

GPU Clusters using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs scale well within a node and/or over multiple nodes and offer excellent performance boosts with marginal price increase.

irtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Exxact can build customized clusters for virtual GPUs to enable enterprises to efficiently deploy GPUs for multiple applications including AI, data science, and HPC.

Scale when you need it

As your team and initiative grows, easily scale out processing power by adding more GPU compute nodes, or tailor to specific flash or bulk storage needs.

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Proof of Concept

  • 8x GPU Accelerators
  • 384GB Host Memory
  • 168TB Parallel HDD Storage
  • 12TB Parallel NVMe Storage

Scaled GPU Compute

  • 56 GPU Accelerators
  • 2.68TB Host Memory
  • 336TB Parallel HDD Storage
  • 24TB Parallel NVMe Storage

The Full Monty

Scale out your most demanding HPC and data center workloads with NVIDIA Tesla Servers. Let data scientists and researchers explore petabytes of data, or conduct longer simulations faster and more efficiently than ever before. Exxact Tesla GPU Clusters deliver the highest performance and user density for virtual desktops, applications, and workstations.

Enterprise Level Planning and Support

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Exxact provides a 3 year warranty on all HPC Clusters. Have peace of mind, and focus on what matters most, knowing you're taken care of.

Customized Infrastructure

Customized Infrastructure

Exxact offers a wide variety of Tesla GPU Servers in many different form factors that can be integrated and tailored to fit your requirements.

Planning & Integration

Planning & Integration

Exxact Corporation has elite partnerships with the best technology companies in the industry. You can be assured that the system we build fits your precise needs.

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