NVIDIA DGX A100 System for Commercial or Government Institutions - DGXA-2530A+P2CMI00



Transform Your Enterprise with NVIDIA DGX A100

Embracing artificial intelligence (AI) is the key, but the challenge lies in finding a platform that goes beyond the limitations of traditional approaches. Enter the NVIDIA DGX A100—your ultimate solution to the scaling challenge of enterprise AI.

Universal AI Workloads, One Unified System

DGX A100 is not just a system; it's a revolution. It effortlessly handles all AI workloads, seamlessly transitioning from analytics to training and inference. With an incredible 5 petaFLOPS of AI performance, NVIDIA DGX A100 replaces outdated compute infrastructure, offering a unified system that simplifies complexity and accelerates your ROI.

Fine-Tuned Power Allocation with MIG Capability

Revolutionize your resource allocation with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) capability in the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU. DGX A100 allows administrators to tailor computing power to specific workloads, ensuring optimal performance. With up to 640GB of total GPU memory, DGX A100 handles both large-scale and small-scale tasks with unmatched efficiency.

Fastest Time to Solution with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs

Featuring eight A100 Tensor Core GPUs, DGX A100 guarantees unparalleled acceleration. Optimized for NVIDIA CUDA-X software and the complete NVIDIA data center solution stack, it introduces Tensor Float 32 (TF32) precision, providing a mind-blowing 20X higher FLOPS for AI without any code changes.

Security Beyond Compare

Security is non-negotiable, and DGX A100 delivers. Its multi-layered security approach covers major hardware and software components, freeing your IT team from the hassles of constant threat assessment. Now, you can focus on operationalizing AI without compromising on security.

Unmatched Data Center Scalability

DGX A100 sets the standard for I/O architecture, making it the foundational building block for colossal AI clusters like the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD. With up to 200Gb/s connectivity via NVIDIA ConnectX-6 or ConnectX-7 adapters, and support for NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand switches, DGX A100 scales effortlessly to meet the demands of conversational AI and large-scale image classification.

Trusted Infrastructure Solutions

Partnering with leading technology providers, DGX A100 offers a portfolio of infrastructure solutions built on the trusted NVIDIA DGX POD reference architecture. Delivered through the NVIDIA Partner Network, these solutions provide a seamless integration of DGX A100 into your enterprise environment.

DGX A100: Where Innovation Meets Scale. Transform Your AI Future Today!

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