Deep Learning Studio Solutions

Exxact Deep Learning Studio Certified Systems

Deep Cognition’s Deep Learning Studio provides a comprehensive solution to designing, training, deploying and managing deep learning models. DLS is a flexible solution that works across industries and functions to create AI-powered organizations with new revenue opportunities and lower costs.

Our systems are optimized specifically for Deep Learning Studio and support transparent multi-GPU training for up to 4 GPUs. Each Exxact Deep Learning Studio System comes turnkey and provides a full-featured GUI model editor, graphical training dashboard, and unlimited training hours through the power of your GPUs!

Deep Learning Studio Key Features

  • Robust AI framework with TensorFlow, Keras and MXNet
  • Supports structured and unstructured data from text, numeric, image, video, and audio
  • Simple or highly advanced modeling depending on your needs and capabilities
  • Supports code and visual (drag and drop) modeling for advanced users with assisted modeling tools and support for more than 70 layer types
  • AutoML that leverages AI to create powerful neural networks automatically
  • Automated model versioning and flexible hyperparameter tuning
  • Model training using up to 4 GPUs with results saved for each training session (Up to 16 for Enterprise)
  • Model deployment through code export
  • Central repository for all AI assets to improve governance, compliance, and security

What You Get With Deep Learning Studio

Multi-GPU Training

Transparent multi-GPU training for faster training time. Desktop supports up-to 4 GPUs per machine for transparent scaling.

AI Simplified

Easy to use drag and drop editor helps you build deep learning models without coding.

Integrated AutoML

Deep Learning Studio can build models for your dataset automatically using built in AutoML feature.

Model Versioning

Models are automatically saved during training or after each epoch. Users can easily access previous model versions.

Model Comparison

Compare model performance across versions by viewing results in a consolidated graphical display.

Enhanced Support

AI can be a challenging journey. DLS-Desktop includes support via phone, email, and Slack to assist you along the way.

Assisted Modeling

Assisted modeling features such as automated tensor size calculations and real-time validation reduce errors.

New Features

We are constantly adding new features to help you succeed with AI.

Exxact TensorEX TWS-1642706-DPS 1x Intel Core X-Series CPU workstation - Deep Cognition Solution
MPN: TWS-1642706-DPS
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Exxact Valence VWS-1542881-DPS 1x Intel Core X-series CPU workstation - Deep Cognition Solution
MPN: VWS-1542881-DPS
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Exxact Valence VWS-1665692-DPS 2x Intel Xeon processor workstation - Deep Cognition Solution
MPN: VWS-1665692-DPS
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