Accelerate the Most Complex Deep Learning Tasks with the Fastest NVIDIA GPU

GPUs were first developed to help computers display images but have developed to accelerate calculations of massive data and run parallel algorithms leagues faster than today's CPUs. NVIDIA offers a plethora of capable GPUs for a broad range of tasks from simple calculations, computer graphic enhancement, and complex deep learning. Deep learning is at the forefront of computer engineering and is ushering in the future of the world. In the whitepaper, we will review how each RTX Professional GPU and how each Data Center GPU stacks up against the other.

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Here is what you will learn:

  • How NVIDIA's Professional Workstation and Enterprise GPU differ in uses
  • GPU Benchmarks: NVIDIA RTX Professional Workstation GPU & NVIDIA Data Center GPUs.
  • Benchmarking using Image Recognition: ResNet-50 and MD Simulation: AMBER 22