Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing: Choosing the Right GPU for the Job

Ever wonder what types of neural networks are used to create modern translation, and NLP apps? Transformers are the latest state of the art NLP technology. However, they simply won't train well on certain GPU models. Find out the best GPU for training modern NLP networks including Transformers.

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NLP Whitepaper

Whats in the Paper?

  • A short overview of Transformer NLP models.What they are, why they work so well, and best practices for training modern Transformer networks.
  • What type of GPU gets the right results? We trained 3 different Transformers of different sizes on different GPU types, find the right one for the job.
  • System recommendations. Ready to train? We have some of the best NLP training systems in the industry, for all budget types.
  • Resources: A curated list of recommended readings for further learning about NLP and Transformer models.