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Singularity is a widely-adopted container runtime and image format developed by Sylabs specifically for multi-tenant HPC and performance intensive environments. It provides a highly scalable and easy way of capturing a complete application environment and its dependencies into a single file.

Capabilities and Features

Organized Workflow

Package software code with operating system libraries and dependencies into a single lightweight file. This makes identifying an application's supporting programs explicit and easily reproducible on other systems; the mobility of compute.

HPC Compatible Solutions

Singularity was designed specifically for HPC needs supporting hardware and applications such as MPI, Slurm, PBS Pro, and InfiniBand enabled GPU clusters. Singularity reduces security risks by removing the need for a root daemon.

Flexibility and Performance

Singularity can adapt other container file formats like Docker and OCI images to the Singularity Image Format or SIF, including other SIF compatible runtimes. Users build or import container images from 3rd party sources prior to importing to Singularity.

singularity containers

Why Use Singularity Containers

With the ability to isolate application environments into a single image, containers allow users to build and run applications on system libraries completely separate from the host machine's software and OS. Each Singularity file is reproducible, portable, sharable, and distributable. With the support of HPC hardware, remote access, and multi-tenant users, Singularity is designed specifically for scientific and compute-intensive workloads. Singularity has also eliminated a root-owned daemon to remove privilege escalation and potential risk to the system. Already invested in Docker? Singularity is compatible with many types of container files and can import images seamlessly!

SingularityCE, PRO, and Enterprise by Sylabs

SingularityCE's (community edition) competitive performance, compatibility, and ease of use open-source container solution is also offered with professional-level support featuring SingularityPRO and Singularity Enterprise.


The SingularityCE is a community driven 100% open-source container solution

  • Committed to open-source with BSD licensed freely available
  • Built-in support for HPC GPUs and high speed interconnects
  • Community Driven on Slack, Google Groups, Github, and more!

Singularity PRO

SingularityPRO is a professionally curated and licensed version with added quality of life support

  • Utilize Singularity with enterprise-level support when needed
  • Backported security patches and bug fixes for a stable and secure environment
  • PRO users receive security fixes prior to public disclosure

Singularity Enterprise

Singularity Enterprise takes advantage of SingularityPRO and more!

  • Remote Builder lets network users build images directly onto the host machine remotely
  • Container Library enables teams to share and discover new SIF images
  • Keystore establishes a chain of trust to verify images' authenticity and integrity