Chroma supports data-parallel programming constructs for lattice field theory and in particular lattice QCD. It uses the SciDAC QDP++ data-parallel programming (in C++) that presents a single high-level code image to the user, but can generate highly optimized code for many architectural systems including single node workstations, multi-threaded SMP workstations, clusters of workstations via QMP, and classic vector computers.


MILC performs simulations of four dimensional SU(3) lattice gauge theory on MIMD parallel machines. “Strong interactions” are responsible for binding quarks into protons and neutrons and holding them all together in the atomic nucleus.


QUDA is a library for performing calculations in lattice QCD on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), leveraging NVIDIA’s CUDA platform.


XFdtd is a 3D electromagnetic simulation solver that provides engineers with powerful and innovative tools for modeling and EM field simulation. And it’s easy to use and engineered to replicate real-world processes. Thanks to XStream GPU Acceleration, an built-in EM simulation acceleration via GPU, FDTD-based modeling and simulation can be accelerated tremendously by leveraging NVIDIA’s most advanced GPU power.