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Experience Unlimited Creativity

Exxact's media processors are real-time video processing and playback systems for multi-display and media compositing. Featuring Play-Out Composer software, the media processors are capable of handing various media sources including graphics, video, sound, Web URL, streaming video, RSS live feed, and live inputs (DVI, HD-SDI) across multiple display areas in high resolution.

Equipped with a powerful rendering engine, Exxact's media processors offer real-time content rendering and edge blending function for projection onto any shape and any surface.

Play-Out Composer

Play-Out Composer is a multi display playback software pre-installed on the media processor systems. Whether combing multiple outputs as one big display area or creating numerous display windows on one video output, Exxact's media processors are the truly innovative and versatile solutions.

Product Highlights

  • Provide users endless possibilities for creative expression and offer a dynamic way to deliver art and information.
  • Easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels and brightness at adjoining edges.
  • Edit content directly in the projection canvas.
  • Capture live input from a PC, video cameras, or DVI/HMDI/HD-SDI sources and integrate them into displaying content.
  • Bring different media such as Adobe After Effects and control systems all together in real time.
  • Alter presentations with drag-and-drop actions to react to as many touch points as the hardware allows - no programming skills required.

Exxact’s media processors are ideal for:

Corporation Lobby

Meeting Rooms


Museums Exhibitions

Sports Bars



Architecture Showcases

Large Scale Presentations

Interactive Advertising


Live Presentations